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Brand your Business &

Become the master of your own brand


Want to create standout brand for your business? Communicate your
brand message effectively to your ideal customers.

With a strong branding foundation your marketing, business and
reputation can level-up and consistently communicate your message.


Want to understand your brand and effectively
communicate your message to your ideal clients?

Does this sound familiar – you are running your business, hustling hard, selling some products,
engaging some clients for your services, but you just don’t seem to be getting any traction?

You are attracting clients, who are just not your ideal client! You are constantly discounting prices or
running special offers to win clients. You have a quick logo that you put together or had made hastily
when you first  started which no longer represents your business message accurately?

Love to be the master of your own brand and
market your business consistently?

Hi there!

I’m Cat, Branding Designer, course creator, wine and coffee lover! I am the owner of Mint Design Collective and I have met many business owners who do not have the cashflow to invest in the full Branding Design Packages their businesses deserve, but they know the importance of solid branding foundations, and often have asked ‘How do I create a brand?’.

Whilst developing branding is an in-depth process – I now have a practical answer for those business owners who would like to explore and create their own branding foundations, achieve brand consistency or would like to learn to utilise Canva for their branding collateral. The courses on offer will walk you through bite-size actionable steps for you to explore, define and create.

I will also be offering one-on-one coaching to assist you with the implementation of your branding collateral across all platforms consistently and monthly memberships where we will tackle branding hurdles each month with advice and actionable checklists so you can stengthen your brand on an ongoing basis!


When you register for one of my courses you receive:

  • Your own learning Portal with lifetime access containing learning videos, worksheets and more. 
  • A private Facebook community so you can chat and bounce ideas off fellow course participants or monthly members!
  • Modules are delivered weekly to enable you to focus on each stage of the course without pressure to finish each module within a day. 
  • Access to live weekly coaching calls where you can ask questions and gain greater clarity. 
  • Guidance to help you refine and strengthen your brand with the assistance of worksheets, guides and branding experience.
  • Each intake has limited numbers per course.

Bite-size Modules

Bite size modules to walk you through each stage of discovery to create your branding foundation.


Weekly Group Call

Still want to be kept on track and held accountable? During the group calls you can also have all your questions answered to help you through each module.

Private Facebook Group

A safe Facebook Group with other course participants to discuss modules and bounce ideas of one another.


Lifetime Access

No need to rush through the course to finish by a deadline…take your time and complete the course as you can. You will have lifetime access to the content which means you also receive access to updated and new content!