I specialise in designing marketing collateral, websites and brand identities. Occasionally I also code websites.

I am a creative Perth graphic designer with a passion for branding, typography, white space and beautiful designs! Along my design journey I have found that sometimes business owners cannot initially invest in their business branding – cashflow ebbs and flows – it happens to us all! Or similarly business owners are determined to create and develop their branding themselves for that personal ‘touch’ or connection…again I totally get it! 

I have developed my signature courses to assist you to achieve your ideal business branding on your own with bite sized easy to digest modules, weekly group guidance and feedback along the way (when you want it)…okay let’s be honest probably even when you don’t!

Signature Courses

***LAUNCHING 2021***


Brand Foundations assists you with mapping out your branding foundations. Through the modules you will discover your why, who your ideal client is, your authentic brand voice, conduct a review on your existing brand (if any), consider colour/fonts/imagery, look at your website and more.


Brand consistency assists by showing you how to apply your brand across all mediums. Brand Consistency is perfect for those business owners who have their logo, colours and fonts set but have no idea how to apply them across their marketing collateral, so they not only look good but also remain ‘on brand’.


Canva has become a very popular tool among small business owners to assist them to create professional marketing graphics. This course takes you through some of the Canva features and assists you to create your own unique graphics for social media, highlight covers, instagram website links page and more. 

Sound Familiar

Do any of these sound familiar to you? I have heard them from various clients over the years and it was comments like these that made my signature courses a reality.


Maybe down the track when money is consistent I will get a designer to re-do it. But for now I will do it myself.


I am just not sure how to best put it all together or how to choose colours/fonts/images.


I am creative at home and do enjoy creating new things, so I think I can create something for my business.


I understand what my business is about better than anyone and what message/vibe I want my branding to convey to my clients.


If you are still not sure about taking the plunge...

“I have been working with Cat for well over two years, most of the time on a daily basis. I have worked with many graphic designers over the last 20 years. Cat is a breath of fresh air and knows her stuff.

I really respect her as a creative, designer and business owner. She has a way of explaining things to you, especially the things you may not even know just yet,  are worried or unsure about when it comes to the branding of your business. Cat always goes above and beyond for my business and my brand and she really champions you as a business owner. She is one person you need in your corner. I get a number of compliments and comments on my brand a number of times a week.

I love how real and honest she is and shares some examples of what has worked for her and not worked for her in the past. It’s really refreshing to be able to have conversations about this kind of stuff.

She is big on helping you find your why and creating this within your brand which spreads all over your business. 

Branding is all about you, it’s your point of difference and it’s one of your biggest tools on your tool belt when it comes to your business. Become your own brand champion and learn as much as you can about the process. 

I will be working with Cat for many years to come. I truly believe this investment in your business will be one of the best things you can ever do and being able to take it where you want it to go. “


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