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Business software has come a long way. They are important in every business but more-so in small business where sole traders wear multiple hats!

I have found some softwares that play an important role within my business and save me time and keep me organised!


Dubsado provides my business with a CRM, client portals, forms, invoicing and workflow automations all in one place! My clients are able to view proposals, select branding packages, sign off contracts and make payment of their deposits all in one process. They then receive automated workflows to access their client portal and design brief for completion. Dubsado enables my clients forms and interactions to always be professional and timely! 

My clients are also able to book appointments with me via their Client Portals and my website. Dubsado manages the appointments by syncing with my calendar. It also sends reminders and confirmations to clients. Dubsado reduces my ‘admin’ time by removing alot of manual processes and automating them.

Clients from all over the world are able to select design packages at any hour of the night Perth time. Because of the automations they still receive the same efficient level of response as a client selecting a package during Perth business hours.

Dubsado is customisable to your branding colours and fonts, which means your branding can remain consistent. 

Dubsado is a paid subscription based software.

Check out Dubsado here.

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Trello is my planning and brain dump software. I generally have alot of ideas going through my mind at any given time so I have created several boards on Trello for this purpose. 

I have Courses, Mentoring, Marketing and Internal Info Boards on Trello, so I can find anything business or socials/blog related in a few clicks.

Trello works on boards and within each board are lists that contain cards. Cards can be moved easily by drag and drop. Due Dates can be assigned and team members added if you require tasks to be assigned to specific team members.

Trello is aesthetically nice to look at, as you can customise your backgrounds on each board and colour code tags on cards.

Trello has both free and paid options available.

Check out Trello here.

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Planoly is a saviour for social media posting and patterned layouts.

It enables you to upload, re-arrange your posts and schedule them as required. It also recommends post times according to when your audience is majority online.

I love this software mainly for the layout ability. I love my Instagram feed to be of a pattern layout and to aesthetically look on point with my branding.

This software has been particually useful when I have changed my branding and required new tile layouts for my socials.

Planoly can not only schedule posts but also stories!

Planoly has free and paid plans available.

Check out Planoly here.

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Haute Stock

Who doesn’t love professional, clean, bright images for their socials or website. Haute Stock provides a fantastic range of feminine images that can be used for websites, socials, marketing etc.

There is a large range of various collections, in various colour palettes for you to utilise.

Whilst professional branding shoots are always the best option. Sometimes, business’ are unable to arrange these shoots for a variety of reasons. That’s where beautiful stock images can assist.

I love Haute Stock, they have such a diverse range of images. Office, health, quotes, social media templates, fun stories and more…you will be very hard-pressed not to find something you can utilise in their library!

Haute Stock is a paid subscription.

Check out Haute Stock here.

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