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Need assistance with branding consistency, implementing your branding, website design or something else? I provide one-on-one mentoring to provide guidance (and feedback) on your branding and design issues that are keeping you awake at night!

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Branding Foundations

Brand Foundations assists you with mapping out your branding foundations. Through the modules you will discover your why, who your ideal client is, your authentic brand voice, conduct a review on your existing brand (if any), consider colour/fonts/imagery, look at your website and more.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency assists by showing you how to apply your brand across all mediums. Brand Consistency is perfect for those business owners who have their logo, colours and fonts set but have no idea how to apply them across their marketing collateral, so they not only look good but also remain ‘on brand’.

Canva & Collateral

Canva has become a very popular tool among small business owners to assist them to create professional marketing graphics. This course takes you through some of the Canva features and assists you to create your own unique graphics for social media, highlight covers, instagram website links page and more. 

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